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Curating the experience for independent financial advisors

Rossby Financial offers a  tech-forward experience that's customized for each advisor in our firm.  Our open-ended architecture was designed with a strong focus on what it means to be a truly independent advisor.

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As a business owner, you should know all of your costs.  We don't think that your independence should be one of them.​

Are you trading a portion of your independence for your current affiliation?

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Tech Stack

Our intuitive tech stack offers a broad scope of capabilities that are bound to inspire you.

Portfolio Management & Investment Reporting

Easily manage client portfolios and customize reports to meet your business  needs.


Client Experience

More than just a place for your clients to view their investment holdings.


Account Rebalancing & Trading

Track your clients' accounts, rebalance, and place trades at scale.


Compliance & Guidance

We designed our policy and procedures with the Clients and Advisor first.


Providing advisors with a hub for guidance and connectivity is our differentiator.


through Integration

Why Rossby

Gain access to a superior tech stack and a team of experienced financial consultants. 


Clear skies, calm waters, open spaces.

“The journey in front of you is full of changing conditions and decisions that need to be made.  You don’t have to make them alone.  Rossby is your team to navigate the turbulence in your practice.”

Andrew J. Evans, MBA

Chief Executive Officer, Rossby Financial, LLC

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Rossby's leadership team brings experience and expertise to help advisors grow their practice

Looking to acquire a practice or use new ways to generate leads? Our team of experienced financial professionals are here to help you along the way. At Rossby, we believe that Independent Advisors can thrive when they have great people on their side. 

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